Saturday, December 14, 2013

New idea for icon image:
Holo-Tuts : Holographic Tutorials and Learning Spaces

Monday, October 21, 2013

DIY Hologram Tutorial NMD 498

Opening and Closing Presentation Sentences

The Virtual Learning Spaces are an upgrade of a centuries old illusory effect that I have reconstituted into a new way of approaching education.

Everyone has their own idea of what education should be and their own way of learning, my solution is to personalize the education experience and to captivate the student.

Monday, September 30, 2013


10. New Hologram Center Opens In New York | The Creators Project
11. The Day - Google News Archive Search


Promotion plan

Get a website - make a website showing the design and usage of the virtual learning spaces. would like to have an intro/navigation based on the interface for the VLS's. Page should be set up like you were looking into the virtual learning space and using it on the website.
Advertise in newspaper - Bangor daily news / The edge / Campus newspaper / Online editorials. Be seen by local readers, most likely adults/parents, but thats ok because they are the ones who will bring their kids to try out the VLSpaces.
Get product in stores - Not really an item for consumer purchase, so it may not hit stores. However, an installation in the children's museum or local school would be a better product placement for the VLS's.
Touring - A mockup build or a breakdown build of the VLS can be achieved with a smaller version of the product. One that can be broken down and transported for promotional touring. Would be shown at children's museums, schools, events.
Host an event on campus for trials - open to students and faculty / welcome to bring children, brothers, sisters to test VLS. 
Put out sampler, and give away for free - incorporate the 3D scan of each user, leave the option to buy your 'bust' '3D representation of user torso' - could give away a few freebies.
Post to newsgroups - Facebook/Twitter - promote VLS on forums and websites such as twitter and Facebook, as well as search for technology and education based sites to post information as well.
Branding - Brand all parts of the VLS project - need to come up with logo design - 
Get rid of tv - Maybe not my tv, but I will need to put away GTA5, i can see this being an issue.

Monday, September 23, 2013

1)Crosby describes two methods of media communications - Interpersonal Medium and Mass Medium, one allows each participant to have control over content, and the other allows control by only one. I don't think my capstone fits either, where as I would have it be able to be controlled by either one person or many. I had hoped to make my installation flexible to be able to interact with one person or many at a time.

2) I dont agree entirely with Manovichs description of new media. He makes it sound like in order for it to be considered new media, there must be computation and a numerical representation. However we have seen many examples of new media projects without using computation devices. I think my project fits in to his description with its variability, both in structure and programming interchangeability.

3) Not sure how to tie this in..

Monday, September 16, 2013

first draft capstone proposal

First Draft Proposal:

I plan to build a fuax-holographic interactive installation for the main purpose of education. The installation ideally would have the ability to change programs/software/games easily, be used as a single user or multiple user installation, as well as be developed for small and larger scales. The intended usage for education is to keep the attentions of young children, increasing their willingness to learn through fun and entertaining interactions while promoting strong hand and motor skills.
- As a side use for purely entertainment and art installations.

With all the technology and other distractions plaguing todays youths in the classrooms, it's no wonder they don't or can't pay attention for more than a short period of time, this is hurting our school systems and their educations.

All over our country we see declining school systems, for whatever reasons, funding, geography, etc. Kids aren't getting the educations they deserve. 

- I propose using multiple projectors along with a few mirrors and a screen of thin film or glass to create a virtual and interactive experience that will hold the attention of children and kids at heart. 
- Using a projector (up to 3) to create a background image that changes with the perspective of the viewer to create a real world 3D feel. 
- The holographic effect will be created based on a principle called 'Pepper's Ghost' dating back to the 16th century. This effect will be achieved using a projector, a mirror, and a screen to bounce the image off of. And then overlayed in front of the background image.
- Both holograph and background scenes can be projected and viewed in 3D (this will require 3D glasses)
- For both perspective changes and user input there will be a microsoft kinect. Possibly 2.